Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shift in the wind

Remember at the beginning and end of Mary Poppins, the Captain in his crows nest down Cherry Tree Lane notes a shift in the wind…and knows some big change is in the works? Today, my last day here, the infamous spring winds came up in a serious way. We’ve had some windy days before…but not like this. You can’t see the mountains at all- in any direction. The whole city is masked in a red fuss. The car door nearly flew off its hinges when I went to run a last errand.

It’s been a very odd day. Since I was particularly efficient yesterday, most of the cleaning up and packing was done. I was at loose ends. Chantana arrived at 9 am to help me clean the place. Chantana- what a piece of work she is! From Thailand, and 45ish. She came in wearing high-top black sneakers, dark blue "distressed" tights, denim bloomers with a little ruffle at the edge, a long, black lacy shirt with a high ruffled collar, under a vest of some kind. I think there was yet another layer…. Kind of of Sassoon-ish hair. Totally great. Climbed right up on the kitchen counters and started in on the tops of the cabinets and light fixtures. I just let her have her way with the whole place- and kept out of her way! She came here from San Francisco 15 years ago to visit and never left. We have identical cars, she loves to hike, and according to Bobbie, my landlady, she is a fabulous Thai cook! Definitely someone to keep on my list of folks to call for an outing next time.

Chantana was gone by 12- and again I was adrift. Too difficult to hike or even hit the dog park til the wind settled down. I could have stood out side and got free micro-abrasion on my skin- but the house is now spotless and I’d have tracked sand in. So I just sat with impatience to leave, reluctance to leave, and just noticed the quality of those emotions. There was nothing to fix- didn’t want to distract myself really, so I just sat with it….until I got too bored and antsy, and found a copy of G.I. Jane with Demi Moore and watched that. Ha!

Late this afternoon when the wind finally settled down, Tooky and I walked the arroyo all the way up to the highway and back. The birds were out from under cover, celebrating the quiet evening with a lot of song. A big raven flew right down over my head, cawing at me. When I first got here- the ravens followed me for days when I walked out there. Made me nervous (Hitchcock) until someone reminded me that they are a symbol of change, or transformation. Today I was glad one came back to say goodbye.

Tomorrow night in Liberal (KS), then Independence (MO), then Terre Haute (IN) then to Oberlin (OH) to stay the night with friends. I e-mailed him to let him know when I was coming. Told him I liked the progression of Liberal, to Independence, to Higher Ground (Terre Haute). Asked him what Oberlin means??? He responded… “Shitting near the rose bush.”