Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scenes from the wild southwest

Took my pal Juliet up to Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu yesterday- stopped in here for some trout tacos- great- on the way over to Ojo Caliente- where we soaked in the hot springs while the wind whipped around. That's Ojo on the left. Little tan house is the soda spring, to the left of it - outdoors at the foot of the hill is the lithium spring, and to the right of the house- outside- is the iron spring-with the rock walls. My favorite is the arsenic spring- much hotter- OW hot- which is off behind me. This is the only spot in the world where those 4 minerals springs come out of the ground at the same place.
Juliet heads home tomorrow, and I get ready to begin getting myself ready for the drive East. Looking forward, actually, to 5-6 days of the hummmm of the road, and just quiet. A necessary transition I think from this world to that world. Next Saturday I'll be pulling into Terre Haute for the night. But tonight it is dinner at Jinja, then off to the Lensic Theater to hear Puerto Plata- a Cuban band of the Buena Vista Social Club caliber. Nice Saturday night in paradise!


  1. Gorgeous. And the scenery isn't bad either! I marvel that you can drive for 5-6 days with just the hum of the road. I normally have spirited conversations with myself after only a few hours of driving alone. Have a wonderful safe trip, E.

  2. mmmmmm - hard to leave such a place. What an adventure. I loved your buddha piece as well. I loved thinking of you in that house, in that very separate place. Being AWAY helps me approach life's unfolding as I wish I always would - as it comes, as opposed to through my efforts to direct it. I have felt that in your blog pieces too...